We made it! Dogged by bad weather, sore legs, steep hills and boggy fields – but we’re here at the seaside which, come to think of it, is just where we started from, but facing the other way. I’m beginning to think it may go all the way round, and perhaps we should check that out some day. But not for a week or two.

We’ve had a lot of help, which has been great, with different people joining us at different points all along the way, not to mention those who kept track of us and shifted our luggage around.

Sadly, I wasn’t allowed to do as much of the walk as I would have liked, but I was always there for them with wise advice and friendly encouragement. I don’t think they’d have managed it without me.

Confidentially, I think they could have done a bit more for me. Travelling in the camper van was fine, but on this last day I spotted a chap who really knows how to treat a dog. I would have thoroughly enjoyed travelling on someone’s shoulders, and think what a great vantage point I would have had.

When we finally reached the sea, the idea is to dip a toe in. Was she listening? What do you think. Looked as if she was going for full immersion at one point. But it all ended well and we seem to have raised an amazing amount of money which will help our two-legged friends in Africa get access to water in the near future.

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