I’m told my dogblog is attracting a lot of followers and I keep looking round, but never catch sight of them. One of the questions I’m told they are asking is “How can a dog manage to write?” Well, I can’t, of course, and I would have thought that was fairly obvious. I have a secretary though, and although he keeps making mistakes he’s cheap, so I don’t want to get rid of him. Yet.

But “How do I get the words over to him?” you ask. Simple. I use the phone. Someone has to hold it up for me – there isn’t a paws button – then I just dictate it at the end of each arduous day. Here I am, in action, listening to him asking me how you spell ‘dog’. You couldn’t make it up.

Saw some sheep with square-looking heads today. They looked a bit mean and not overly bright. Real head-bangers. Don’t think they were tup of the class.

We made it to Richmond and ‘she’ foolishly bought a “coast-to-coast” T-shirt. Oh dear! I thought we’d be keeping a lid on our eventual destination, but it looks like we’re going to have to finish it now.

The stats are looking good, anyway. 61% down and 39% to do.

Miles walked – 116

Miles to do – 76

Dog miles – 812

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