My feet were playing me up a bit today. Still no sensible footwear for me, even though I see herself getting booted up at the start of every day.

I did set off, mind – ever the resourceful dog – and I really enjoyed this bit. They called it a ‘bored walk’ but I found it quite interesting. Not quite the same as Battyeford, of course. When I’m out of doors back home there’s bits of pizza, chip butties and fragments of burger along the way, not to mention the wee-mails I pick up at every lamp post. Sheep droppings just don’t cut it after a dog has experienced a cuisine like that.

When I dropped out and took a turn in the camper van, they left me in charge of the bag of goodies – chocolate bars and the like. Then they had the colossal nerve to strap my mouth up, thus revealing a disconcerting lack of trust which, frankly, I found painful. It never occurs to me to stop them snacking off my sawdust balls whenever they want. That’s the sort of generous dog I am.

We had to go through the absurd ‘Sheep of the Day’ routine again. Apparently this one was remarkable because of its sticky-out ears. Obviously not an attribute to appeal to a spaniel.

We reached Reeth without any major catastrophe and met Ruth. Or was it the other way round? These ears are finely tuned, but not always suitably aligned. Anyway, Reeth cooked them all a fine meal. It must have been good – nothing left over for me.

Miles walked – 106

Miles to do – 86

Dog miles – 742

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