A day of mixed blessings as I had to drop out of much of the walking because of my arthritis. I realised the importance of my role, however, when it turned out that the one they call Meg is a vet. Just think – they brought a vet rather than a doctor! She’s good, but she seems to be confused about my name. “Allo Vera” she kept saying as she rubbed this funny tasting cream into my leg. Vera’s a soppy name but I didn’t want to upset anyone so decided not to complain.

Then I got to ride in the motor home, with Nick and Chris. This meant that we were able to visit the chocolate factory in Orton, whereas the walkers couldn’t spare the time. Tough. I wasn’t allowed any chocolate though, because of a cruel rumour that it isn’t good for dogs. It’s one rule for them and another one for us. What good does chocolate do them, I wonder? Can’t really complain about the food on this trip though. When they go to eat they often bring back the bits of meat they couldn’t manage, and last night I even got steak. Not sufficiently rare for my taste, but a great improvement on the sawdust balls.

Having much of the day off meant I could concentrate on taking a few pictures. I particularly like the one of ‘her’ relaxing on top of a stone wall. I think I’ve just managed to capture the balance between strenuous effort and downright laziness.

We ended up in Kirkby Stephen and caught up with my typist and his wife who seem to be dogging our footsteps. More tomorrow.

Miles walked – 80

Miles to do – 112

Dog miles (notional) – 560

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