Sorry to leave Grasmere, where we hooked up with Ian and Helen Grange, but as we headed towards Patterdale things got really interesting, with dozy-looking sheep all over the place. I was kept on the dog pull, of course, which wasn’t fair as there were other dogs racing about all over the place. Our team got all excited and called them ‘sheep dogs’. Sounded like some kind of weird hybrid, but they just looked like dogs to me. And they weren’t very effective at catching the sheep. They’d get really close, but as soon as their human blew a whistle, they’d just stop dead and lie down. Useless.

Then we were joined by Chris Barker from St.Mary’s, Mirfield. Now he’s someone who knows how to walk – and incidentally can read a map! Lovely day in the hills and ‘she’ even found time to do a short video blog on top of the mountain by some rescue hut (Though i think it was an SOS really) but nobody came so she had to continue her walk down into Patterdale. We’re staying at the White Lion; lovely Red Velvet cake when we arrived, but haven’t seen a lion yet. Looking forward to having tea with the Granges and ‘her’ wearing some clean clothes after they did her washing – though she wasn’t too keen on them seeing the vicars knickers.

Onward to Shap tomorrow, and it looks like a long slog.

Miles walked: 44 1/2

To do : 147 1/2

Dog miles : 311 1/2

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