What a fab day – sunshine. What a relief after yesterday’s rain. Absolutely chucked it down. Raining cats and clogs I think I heard one of them say – and such a distance covered! Well at least that’s what the humans say. I dropped out and the day was spent on a nice stroll around Grasmere being treated to lots of nice things from Trish and Rita, two of the support group. So not so much climbing for me.

Unlike the others who climbed 3,500 feet, had to negotiate wading through deep water to carry on their journey, and all with out my encouragement! They went on about it a good bit.

She’s feeling a bit better too, though I think I overheard her say that if someone wanted to sponsor her for £10000 not to walk she would consider it – though she really is having a great time. She says. But then I’ve only seen her lying in the bath with a Gin and Tonic to hand, so what do I know?

Back to the slog tomorrow, on to Patterdale, and the White Lion.

Miles walked – 37

Miles to do – 155

Dog miles – day off (Every dog has one)

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