When we set off this morning it was wet, but they were all going on about the way a ‘Full English’ sets you up for the day. I think it was the breakfast they had just enjoyed. Everyone knows that dogs smell better than people, and whenever they opened their mouths to speak I was getting bacon, sausages and black pudding. I was fobbed off with the usual dog’s breakfast of course, and if you’ve ever wondered why they call it that, feel free to join me one morning.

A pretty dreadful day all round – talk about walking for water we could just export it! No photos, except this snap of my Full English, just one long drudge of a day in the pouring rain. Anyone who thinks this is a walk in the park, think again. Even my blisters have got blisters – and I’ve got four feet, remember.

Keeping track of them all was terrible too. She was so slow and the other one so fast I had to keep running to and fro to round them up – I even managed to include lots of people who weren’t part of the original five.

Our room was great though – a luxurious bath which I wasn’t going anywhere near, and a huge bed I wasn’t allowed in. Or even on. It’s a dog’s life and I’m dog tired. Think I might take tomorrow as a lieu day and let someone else look after them.

Miles walked – 25½

Miles to do – 162½

Dog miles – 178½  (nearly 6 marathons in person miles)