A bit wet and windy for my liking, but that’s not why I’m looking down in the mouth. As you can see, I’m tethered. She calls it a ‘dog lead’, but she never leads me. I am always, and I mean always, in front. In the lead rather than on the lead, as you might say. What she does is yank on it to stop me investigating interesting canine and human discards, so ‘Dog pull’ would be a better definition, but the law of evolution demands that I remain in a subservient relationship with my human. Well that’s better off my chest.

Not a bad walk to Ennerdale Bridge, with a fierce climb up Dent Hill before we got there. We passed the Church of St Mary, built on the site of a medieval chapel around 1857 as I understand, it. All a bit confusing as I’m pretty sure there’s a St Mary’s back in Mirfield, and another one in Gomersal.

The highlight of the day was when we had to negotiate a so-called ‘kissing gate’. The two I live with had to take it literally of course, whilst the rest of us looked on. I don’t think any of the others had a go, but I might have missed it.

Miles walked – 15

Miles to do – 177

Dog miles – 105 on the standard scale.

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