Here we are, ready for the off, at St Bees. Don’t know why they call it that – not a bee in sight.

I did get a good swim in, though, just to get the old legs going, then we set off along the cliff. Great views they kept saying, but all I could see was miles of water. We soon turned inland, heading east according to the one with a compass. I was beginning to think they might know what they’re up to, until one of them lost the map, and had to turn back to find it. I ask you!

Then things got interesting – we found a pub – who’d have imagined such a thing! It was called The Dog and Partridge, which sounded interesting, until we were faced with the incomprehensible news that they don’t admit dogs. They were non-committal about partridges, but this looks like a case for the Trades Description mob to me. A stiff letter is called for, at the very least. Everyone else seemed to think it was hilarious, which doesn’t bode well for the two weeks ahead. Spent the night back at St Bees. I was worried we might have to do it all again tomorrow, but apparently we get taken to where we reached yesterday and set off again. Sounds crazy, I know, but that’s the way we’re doing it.

Miles walked – 5

Miles to do – 187

Dog miles – don’t even think about it.

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