Well, she’s off to Tanzania now. No thought about who will take care of me, of course. I just get farmed out around the parish while she swans around visiting water projects in Africa and sees how the money we raise on our Coast-to-Coast walk will be put to good use. I could have had a really good time over there – I hear they have wild dogs and I just know we’d have got along fine.  In fact I was a bit wild myself when I realised I wasn’t going.

Anyway, she’s asked me to tell you about her recent visit to our Church School at Battyeford, so here goes. The children have been thinking about ‘Water for Life,’ with all sorts of activities to bring home the importance of access to clean water. The teachers organised a water assault course, and naturally Maggie had to wade in. She also demonstrated water carrying, African style, but with a tiny cup of water instead of the four gallons I understand is normal over there.

The great bit, though, was that the kids were given a milk bottle to take home and then encouraged to bring it back full of loose change. Loose change! They came back with £1,124. If I was the sort of dog that wore socks, they would have been blown off! Well done teachers, kids and parents!

More when she gets back – after a good long walk, that is.


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