Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Molly.  I am a fine example of a Springer Spaniel. I live just behind the Church of Christ the King along with two humans, both now quite elderly in dog years.

One of them, the one they call Maggie, has courageously undertaken to walk across England later this year, and I am to act as main support. I think it’s because we have a bond. We both wear dog-collars. She’s a Canon, and I’m a Canine.

I’m looking forward to it, as there will be plenty of chances for me to let her off the lead. I’ve noticed, though, that when there are sheep about, she likes to be kept on it and under tight control. I’m not sure why, but sheep do sometimes look anxious as she passes, so I think it’s just as well.

The reasons for taking on this project are not clear to me. I’ve heard her barking on about ‘walking for water’ and I’m all in favour of that – it’s my favourite tipple. I lap it up.

It seems that she knows some people in Africa, wherever that is, who don’t have access to clean water, and she wants to help them. This, surely, is an ambition we can all tap into.

I can’t quite figure out how walking across England is much help, but she associates it with ‘sponsorship’ (sic). She still uses words that don’t make much sense, even after all the years we’ve been together. Fortunately,

I am a patient sort of dog, and know how to bite my lip.

Anyway, we started ‘training’ a few weeks ago. Back in the day, training meant learning that it’s considered unacceptable to get caught weeing on the carpet, and that I’m expected to bring back sticks she loses.

Now, though, it’s just like walkies, only better because we go further. We both get dog tired.

As well as being ‘Main Support’, she wants me to keep people in touch with how things are going, so expect an occasional bulletin as the weeks go by. I won’t get paid for it. Being what she calls ‘person’s best friend’, I just chip in what talents I have in support of whatever cause she takes up. More sound bites soon.

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